How to get Marijuana in Washington DC

Gifting Marijuana in the DMV works a little different vs Virginia. For starters, Washington DC has been fully legal for a few years and gotten past the petty laws that were strictly enforced in the beginning. Washington DC allows citizen to "gift" marijuana for free. It didn't take long before growers and dealers came out from the shadows and took advantage of the loophole by gifting customers the marijuana for free, but charging a huge price for another item such as rolling papers for $80 or glass pipes for $150.

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Shrooms Magic Mushrooms

New for 2022 - Shrooms Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin - AKA Magic Mushrooms are also now legal in Washing DC... well, kinda. There are a few places that sell shrooms, we recommend Green Label due to several past dealing with them for both shrooms and marijuana and they have never disappointed!
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What are Psilocybin Mushroom?

This guy is well known in the DC area for not only providing great reviews on local dispensaries, but also has excellent guides for new visitors and 420 tourists.
Pricing depends on quanity and quality. I always recommend you search for the very best, expecially if you smoke. The more potent the marijuana, the less you'll need to smoke. You'll pay about $50-$75 for 1/8 of flower in DC which is about average for the country. Don't forget that many vendors in DC will require delivery so don't forget the drivers tip. Also parking in DC can be a pain and pricy depending on where what part of the city you go.
Magic mushrooms, or shrooms, and LSD, or acid, are two of the most common psychedelics and they have a lot of similarities. Both are recognized as classic psychedelics, with a meaningful influence on science and culture, and both have been identified as physiologically safe with a low risk of sparking dependency in consumers. What’s more, mushrooms and LSD are serotonergic hallucinogens, so their primary mechanism of action is on serotonin receptors in the brain.